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Get a Fake Lie Detector Certificate to show you have passed a Polygraph test. You choose the questions and results. Sent to you within 24 hours!, Works in USA, UK, Canada, Australia & more.

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PDF Copy Send within 24 hours* via official e-mail

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Professional Branded Certificate sent from official company

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Submit up to 10 questions about anything you like

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You choose the questions and add the true or false results

You are here because somebody does not believe you!

Let's not waste time, You need a Fake Lie Detector or Polygraph test. You are in a bind, somebody is questioning you and you need to show them some answers, FAST!

When I needed a lie detection test, I found it cost nearly £100 per question ($160 usd), way more than I could afford at the time, and the context of the questions was not going to do me any favours. Under stress, I was worried I would fail the test, even on the true answers. Then I found the solution. GET A FAKE TEST!

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Wife or Husband Issues, Girlfriend or Boyfriend problems, Family issues, prove something to your friends or whatever you need it for... Pass a Lie Detector Test today for only £59.99 £49.99

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How a fake lie detector test works

A real lie detection test can cost up to £100 PER QUESTION. Buy up to 10 questions now for only £59.99 £49.99. Here's how our fake polygraph / lie test service works.

Polygraph Test Certificate

1. Order online. Pay Securely with credit / debit card via PayPal. (no words containing fake will appear on your invoice or by e-mail.
2. You will then be asked to enter your questions and supply Yes / No answers to those questions then select a true or false answer
3. You receive a professional looking branded letter within 24-48 hours. Do with it what you like. The letter will include the name, address, telephone and website of a Lie Detection company. The website will lead the visitor to a real professional website for a lie detection company with International offices.
4. The lie detection company will have a local office listed in your county or nearby city/state (area of delivery) and offers a remote lie detection service that comes to you so you can explain how or where you took the test however you like. Phone calls are not answered and e-mails requesting information are responded to that due to client confidentiality, information cannot be released but a person can verify a test has been passed buy visiting the official website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before we explore some FAQ's, what About Testimonials?

"I needed a quick solution to a lie detection test that I knew I could not pass, but it was not like that, but nobody would believe me. This service saved my bacon and settled all my issues in one go and saved me a ton of money, thanks." -Andy (details restricted)

We don't normally get people sending us reviews or testimonials due to the nature of this service but get many messages of thanks, but I understand the predicament you could be in right now and this is a quick, easy and fast way to get out of trouble, Fast!. This is one of the first and only service offering a fake lie detection test anywhere at the fraction of the cost of a real Polygraph test. Get the RESULTS YOU NEED NOW!

There is no guarantee you can satisfy somebodies suspicion, but it worked for me, so I made this service and have received many messages of thanks for helping people out of a tricky situation.
You get a PDF version of your lie detection test within 24 to 48 hours to your e-mail address sent from the official testing companies e-mail address. UK residents can request a postal copy by contacting us.
After you have made your payment, look for the link that says 'continue to site', then you simply fill in the form you are directed to. There you will see up to 10 boxes to enter a question, then select a yes or no answer and choose a true or false result. You can submit a maximum of 10 questions. Be reasonable as you will need to demonstrate you could afford that number of questions.
We will send you a copy of the test results to the e-mail address supplied when filling in the form with your questions. We suggest you print a copy and post it to yourself. The transaction will appear as Poly Organics on your statement.
Add a test question if you like. We suggest you print a copy and post it to yourself so the envelope has a local post mark from your country. After doing this, allow the other person to find / open the mail or simply hide the letter somewhere where YOU KNOW they will find it and open it making the test look a lot more genuine. [for custom requests, contact us for help]

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